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Bertrand's Music has been serving school music programs and students for over 30 years. Mr. Bertrand was a band and orchestra director in the San Bernardino U.S.D. and Poway U.S.D. for 15 years prior to founding this company. 

Mr. Bertrand’s goal is to bring outstanding service and quality products to the students and families involved in their school music programs.  This has been accomplished through their quality School Rental and Lease Programs and through the founding of the HeadStart Music Program in 1996.  In addition, thousands of scholarships have been granted to students who would otherwise never be able to learn to play a musical instrument and participate in their school music programs. Building partnerships and creating a positive experience is our goal.

Sales, Rentals, Repairs, and Lessons. We offer for sale, lease or rent instruments from major manufacturing companies in the U.S. In addition, we offer a variety of musical products. For instrument repairs and lessons check out our store locations.

John D. Bertrand Sr.: President, CEO

August 1983