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Voice Lessons - Megan Latham - 615-934-5402 Voice Lessons - Megan Latham - 615-934-5402


Ms. Latham graduated from Belmont University in Nashville, TN with a Bachelor of Music in Music Education-Vocal Emphasis, and a Master of Music in Vocal Pedagogy. Her student internships in music education were completed at Franklin High School and at Eakin Elementary. Megan is a licensed K-12 music instructor who enjoys teaching and performing a wide range of musical styles. She is a trained classical vocalist with experience performing with the Nashville Symphony Chorus and Belmont University's Chamber Singers. She has several years experience singing jaw, bluegrass, country, and musical theater, as well as in piano and violin performance. Ms. Latham is also a certified NCVS Vocologist and works with Scripps Hospital in La Jolla and Navy Medical Center as a Voice Habilitation teacher. 615-934-5402


Teaching Style: Materials Used:
How I teach depends on the student's ability and learning style. I use a variety of teaching methods that are Visual, Aural, and Kinesthetic based to meet the unique needs of every student.

Piano: Faber, Alfred, Suzuki

Voice: Depends on the needs of the students such as what style of music do they want to sing, is there a specific song or musical they wish to learn, and so on.

Overall I use a wide variety of methods to accomplish what the student needs

Education: Age & Level Preference:
  • Bachelor of Music in Music Education, Vocal Emphasis from Belmont University
  • Master of Music in Vocal Pedagogy from Belmont University
  • Certified Vocologist from the NationaL Center for Voice & Speech

Age Preference:

  Voice: Age 6 and up

  Piano: All ages

Level Preference:

   Voice: Beginner to Advanced/Professional

   Piano: Beginner and Intermediate 

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