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Chaz Ronald Barcenilla 310-923-0969 Chaz Ronald Barcenilla 310-923-0969

Teaches: Piano, Voice

         As a music education consultant, Ronald Barcenilla develops and restructures educational programs and teaching guidelines in piano and voice performance as well astheory to include rudiments, harmony, counterpoint, composition, score-reading, analysis, and history in preparation for international proficiency examinations of prestigious examination boards leading towards diploma, certification, and entrance matriculation to universities and colleges. He teaches piano, voice, and music theory.

         He is also the representative of Trinity College London, the International Examinations Board, for Los Angeles and San Diego (U.S.A.) and the American College of Musicians for Sydney (Australia).

          Education: Bachelor of Arts and Master of Education in Music from the University of New South Wales (Australia), Fellow of Trinity College, London (U.K.), Associate of the Royal College of Music (U.K.), Member of the Music Teachers Association of California, The American College of Musicians, B.C. Registered Music Teachers Association (Canada), the Music Teachers Association of N.S.W. (Australia), and the Incorporated Society of Musicians of the United Kingdom and the World.

         Performances/Awards: soloist with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Sydney Youth SBS Orchestra, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Manila Symphony Orchestra, Geneva Philharmonic Orchestra; prizewinner of the Sydney Youth Piano Competition, Australia National Yamaha Piano Competition, Australia National Beale Piano Competition, National Young Talent Time; awarded as an Outstanding Young Australian nominee in 1985.

VOCAL/PIANO/MUSIC THEORY/COMPOSITION are taught in the language of your choice:  English, Spanish, Italian, German, French at native-fluency levels; as well as to ensure children of ethnic backgrounds maintain their language heritage through full language immersion programs in Music. He also has advanced students with an Associate Degree in Music (A Mus TCL) and B.Mus candidates also teaching at much lesser rates.


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