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Mary Calo - Bassoon and Saxophone Lessons - 858-382-3716 Mary Calo - Bassoon and Saxophone Lessons - 858-382-3716


Hello, my name is Mary Calo. I have recently graduated from Arizona State University with a Master’s in Bassoon Performance. Before that I attended the University of the
Pacific Conservatory of Music, class of 2013, with a degree in Bassoon Performance. I love many aspects of the performance life: solo performance, orchestral performance,
chamber music, and playing at various events. A life with music is one that is filled with opportunity and enjoyment, and can harnesses one’s natural talent and abilities.
In taking private lessons with me you, as a student, will learn the technical demands of the instrument, as well as your own individual musicality. You will learn that music can be conveyed in a multitude of different ways. With bassoon lessons must come focus and discipline, as it is practice and determination that will help you to succeed. Lessons will
include weekly assignments that include preparation of several pieces, scales, and etudes. Above all, lessons will be fun, enjoyable, and highly productive.


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