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Les Kepics fell in love with the trumpet at the age of ten and hasn’t looked back. His career as a professional trumpet player and teacher spans almost 50 years and includes every style of music imaginable. His formal training includes California State University, Northridge, the San Diego School of Performing Music (founded by virtuoso trombonist Hal Crook), and private study with many renowned trumpet teachers and performers, including Claude Gordon, Dr. Donald S. Reinhardt, Roy Stevens, and Bobby Shew.                                                                                         


Les is as passionate about teaching as he is about performing.  He enjoys sharing what he’s learned from his lifelong devotion to the art of trumpet performance with students of all levels. An unmatched understanding of practice and performance techniques allows him to quickly identify the obstacles facing any student and his extensive teaching experience lets him recommend unique approaches to help get a frustrated player moving again. His students are consistently first chair players in the Poway Unified School District and San Diego Unified School District at both the High School and Junior High level.


Teaching Style:

Les’ method begins with the goals and needs of an individual student and is customized to their current level of ability. An overall emphasis on what, how, and when to practice establishes a framework to support success. Each lesson is designed to be both interesting and fun, but also challenging enough to steadily build skill and technique. His teaching style helps students develop a positive attitude and strengthen self-esteem. Seeing both student and parent smile after a breakthrough makes his day!

Materials Used:

Each student receives a personalized lesson binder that includes proprietary teaching materials, as well as drills and practice techniques developed by legendary trumpet teachers and performers. Materials from the standard repertoire for trumpet are adapted to a learner’s ability to build both technical skill, musicality, and musical expression for performance. This well-balanced approach also incorporates ear training, sight reading, and general music theory. Online performance videos featuring past and present trumpet legends help students develop a clear concept of sound on the instrument. Junior high and high school students are encouraged to bring in school music and proficiency testing requirements so they can be included in the lesson plans.


Would you like more information on Les Kepics's lessons, policies or procedures?  Fill out the contact form below and Les will contact you with more details.  No obligation is made when filling out the contact form.