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Cale Winslow 858-449-1191 Cale Winslow 858-449-1191
Cale was born in San Diego, California and eventually moved to Temecula where he
spent the majority of his childhood. His initial passion in life was basketball and as a child he dedicated most of his time playing in recreational and competitive leagues. However, when Cale reached Middle School something amazing happened, he discovered music. After hearing the interesting and unique sounds of his father’s Led-Zeppelin album, he was swayed by the rhythmic and percussive sounds of drummer John Bonham and thus begged his parents for a drum set and lessons. Soon following his love for playing the drums, Cale’s heart was sold on playing the guitar when he discovered another music legend, Bob Dylan. 
When he reached his High School years, Cale made the difficult but fulfilling choice to end his basketball career in order to dedicate his time and energy to seriously study music. In order study music while still enrolled in high school, Cale’s parents enrolled him at Palomar College where he has been studying music theory, music skills, literature, composition, and piano since 2009 with the wonderful music faculty at Palomar. In addition, Cale has studied classical guitar with Arthur Golden M.M. and has completed two semesters of Palomar’s esteemed applied music program studying classical guitar under the tutelage of Scott Wolf D.M.A.; where during his second semester he was selected to perform in the culminating honors recital. Cale plans to graduate with Associates Degree in Music in fall 2014. 
Cale was first introduced to teaching by his friend/colleague/mentor Joaquin Willis and is a new instructor at Bertrand’s Music. Although his forte is in classical guitar, his solid foundation in classical studies has made other genres and styles such as folk, blues, flamenco, rock, and pop readily accessible. Cale credits this to the high technical demand classical music requires and therefore takes the classical approach to teaching his students emphasizing music fundamentals, technique, and performance aspects to bring out the full potential and realization of talent in his students regardless of what style of music they wish to learn. 
Currently, Cale lives in Poway with his parents and sister and works part time at Bertrand’s Music in Rancho Penasquitos. He plans to transfer to a four-year university in order to acquire a bachelor’s degree in either composition or classical guitar studies once he completes his AA degree at Palomar College. Cale hopes to not only obtain a graduate degree in music and teach at the college level one day, but to also become a professional composer. Cale is excited to share his knowledge and talent with every one of his students and hopes they can discover their full potential as musicians.

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