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Brandon Lindberg Guitar Lessons 858-382-0615 Brandon Lindberg Guitar Lessons 858-382-0615




Brandon’s teaching style is unlike most other instructors. While modeling his approach from some of the most successful and influential teachers throughout the country, he customizes every lesson for you and focuses on growth geometrically. This proven method, along with a huge emphasis on having fun, results in extremely quick results for his students. 
Brandon also teaches and oversees local after school programs in the surrounding districts for guitar and piano. With over a decade of experience his company continues to expand throughout San Diego County and has taken his programs success and created group programs outside of schools. All his students are now able to partake in the many benefits that playing and learning in an ensemble setting provide.
Besides teaching and supervising his Studio Brandon also created a Non-Profit Charitable Organization, donating his time and instruments to give underprivileged children the ability to experience music using the same educational programs. He also coaches and trains other music instructors in the area, helping them develop their craft and effectively spread a passion for music to others.


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